Thursday, June 9, 2011


Learning from first day, I came to office 15mins earlier and I did get my parking into the slot. However as I was getting out to work, my left shoe suddenly 'buka mulut' >< Fortunately, I got my slippers in the car for the meantime replacement. Learning to use Orion solely by manual book is challenging. It takes me a day >< Well frankly speaking, a day time was just spent. The server was down for half a day causing me unable to download the quick learning PDF file which I had to go through the thick book. I requested Ken to give me an example from the real work which he actually did, yet he told me not to be so desperate on taking up. He'd even asked me to redo the samples for few times.
Finally, one thing that I don't understand is that, why do they like to stay back after office hour even though they had finished their jobs? Weird~ haha!
Orion the Star

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