Thursday, June 9, 2011


Learning from first day, I came to office 15mins earlier and I did get my parking into the slot. However as I was getting out to work, my left shoe suddenly 'buka mulut' >< Fortunately, I got my slippers in the car for the meantime replacement. Learning to use Orion solely by manual book is challenging. It takes me a day >< Well frankly speaking, a day time was just spent. The server was down for half a day causing me unable to download the quick learning PDF file which I had to go through the thick book. I requested Ken to give me an example from the real work which he actually did, yet he told me not to be so desperate on taking up. He'd even asked me to redo the samples for few times.
Finally, one thing that I don't understand is that, why do they like to stay back after office hour even though they had finished their jobs? Weird~ haha!
Orion the Star

Friday, May 27, 2011


I wonder if the well won't connect because of how I feel.
When the well vanished and I was thrown into that darkness,
I was so scared and sad.
But I didn't know I was in that darkness for three days.
At the same time, people around me were all scared and sad as well.
I feel so terrible.
I was so happy to return here.

And then the well shut.
I've thought about you constantly since then.
The reason I went to the era.
The reason the well stopped connecting.
I finished what I had to do and now I'm here forever, in my world.
A world without you.

But I want to be with you

Monday, May 16, 2011

Manga stream

Actually, the existence of manga did help us to clear our mind when we were most stressful. And we have to thanks those 'suppliers' may they be those hardcopy selling or softcopy form their websites domain. Human are always curious towards those extraordinaries and against mysteries, which is why these manga able to project such a world that never exists.
Talking about manga websites, or I don't know what specific name they are, onemanga, mangafox and mangastream are all my daily click until onemanga suddenly 'break down' for dono what reason. Anyway, we also have to thanks the Japanese that promote us manga^^

Monday, May 9, 2011

Dream about this?

I always dream about something whenever I sleep, even for a short minutes of nap. Cool huh? I rarely forget the content of my dreams. Sometimes I was flying, sometimes I was laughing... various kinds of cool experiences^^
I wonder why this image comes first in google image when I type in 'Dream'. Abstract? Anyway, it doesn't matter. Never did I dream about trees anyway.
Never did I dreamed about mountain or moon too. At least not as I can remember.
I don't understand why must it be trees?
But I often dreamed about exam and analysis says that dreaming about exam means that you are unconsciously worrying if you can meet the expectation of others.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

You are a Taurus

According to studies,Taurus are not a natural leader type person. Well, I quite agree with this fact as so far as I have not see any Taurus around me with that trait. Then I know a boss who is a Taurus, but I heard his property was inherited, but personally gained.
Taurus are also known for their stubbornness although they were excellent friends. They protect their friends and hold hear to them. They are very loyal to whom they had trusted and to speak of what they think beneath of them.
Taurus people take negative remarks seriously and they can be offended or hurt easily. They like positive comments but they know it when one flatter. 
Taurus are not fond of change and get nervous of something new. They do not express their feelings openly and their inner self is contained and secretive. They avoids talking about their emotions and many people never know how they feel.
Taurus likes to possess something. When they find something that could attract their interest, they make sure they become its master.
Overall, my Taurus friends doesn't really leave much impression for me. Perhaps they are so quite that they like to live among the small group.

Global Warming

Its been said that the increase of greenhouse gas concentrations like water vapour, carbon dioxide (CO2), methane and ozone contribute to Global warming. Through much effort, the knowledge of controlling such production did not seem to work well. Where is the fault?
The current warming is caused by the rise in greenhouse gases due to human activities. This is one thing for sure although volcanic activities do make it worse. The history of this mess due man-made carbon dioxide emissions never shows improvement although people have been stressing on renewing the earth. It seems that the effort done some specific countries is not enough when the others do not take heed.
It is undeniable that some individuals are irresponsible and we couldn't do anything about that unless they were all dead. One thing that I realize is that, the world can never work together unless they were forced to do so. Overall, it would become unfair towards those who are willing to put efforts. 
I suppose we should not say 'lets work together to solve this problem' anymore but to say 'we must force those who unwilling cooperate to work with us' for greater good.
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