Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Teemo - The Swift Scout

In addition to his duties as scout leader—which include planning the soap-box derby, teaching new recruits the scout's pledge, and judging the yearly s'more-eating contest—Teemo is also responsible for the defense of Bantam City itself.
In Teemo's bestselling autobiography, Accuracy by Volume, the leader of the Bantam City Scouts expounds on yordle military tactics, such as blow-dart carpet bombing, and filling trebuchets with poison-tipped sewing needles.
Though he can often be found in the courtyard outside the practice arenas signing copies of his book, Teemo is really at the Institute of War for another reason. He has come, as the emissary for the entire yordle nation, to petition the League of Legends to start a new type of tournament. His proposition includes wood carving, rope bridge building, and campfire cooking to the list of approve forms of "combat" sanctioned inside the Institute. So far, he hasn't had much luck. 

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